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The Stove Stow is made of 1/2” plywood and built to securely accommodate the induction stove within the bench. It replaces the factory bench mechanical cover, rests securely on the existing cleats inside the bench, and still allows for easy access to the mechanical components that the bench contains.


See this video demo for more information!  To learn more about how this product is made, click HERE.

Induction Stove Stow - Revel '21-'24

  • 2022 Revel Owners, the water shutoff valve inside your bench cabinet will be assembled in either the VERTICAL ORIENTATION or a HORIZONTAL ORIENTATION.  Please check your vehicle when ordering so you can indicate the orientation.  See the valve orientation pictures in the product pictures on this page.  2021 Revels have the vertical orientation and 2023 Revels have the horizontal orientation.

  • The Stove Stow will come with the necessary hardware to secure it to the cleats within the bench cabinet.  You will need a Phillips screwdriver or a drill with a Phillips screwdriver bit to install these screws, the same tool you'll need to remove the existing screws.  

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